Cutting the Grass

Or more to the point hacking it.

I do not normally cut the grass as I do all of the borders; ten in all as well as keeping the tubs and window boxes in order. However, with my husband unable to mow for the foreseeable future, something had to be done. My Son-in-Law offered to do the lawns, but the problem was getting his mower to our house. He could use our small electric mower, which I used, but the battery life is very short, sometimes only ten minutes, so I decided that it would be a waste of his time.

Today’s first  picture above, shows part of the front lawn after a rather ragged cut; the second picture (taken by my husband) shows what it looked like before I started. I had to charge the battery three times and mowed the front, (there is a lot more to do than just this small section,) and made a start on the grass at the back of the house.  The picture at the bottom shows part of the back lawn after it had been cut. I plan to finish the section behind the house tomorrow. I have no plans to use the ride-on mower, getting it in and out of the shed alone is a major operation with less than an inch either side of the doorway. So the orchard will be left uncut and allowed to go wild, for now, the deer and rabbits can munch away at it as much as they like.

Other than that, I spent the morning catching up with paperwork and various other jobs; the evening was spent knitting.




I spent the morning moving furniture in the lounge to accommodate a single bed so that my husband can come home, possibly on Thursday, but it will depend upon what time the bed arrives. I then purchased the bed and went into Cambridge to purchase single bed linen as we do not have any.

I had lunch in Cambridge and then visited my husband during the afternoon. I took this picture as I walked across Christ’s Pieces and although the flowers are a little past their best they still depict Cambridge on a sunny day with people on their bicycles.

Garden From The Balcony

Twenty-four years ago today our daughter got married, it was a very warm day and the barometer read 1040, very high. However, it was also very windy, the wind blew my hat away and it rolled down the street; fortunately the cars stopped and I was able to retrieve it. Today the barometer is reading 1003, but it is still very warm.

Today, is not such an exciting day, it is a day of doing some housework and washing, just normal everyday stuff. While out on the balcony I took today’s picture, overlooking one of our borders and some of the trees in the orchard.

Tomorrow is a special day for a little cat that lives here, he will be writing in the journal and hopefully I will get a decent picture of him as well as his sister.

Cutting the Grass

W.jpgI would say that today has not been very productive except that I have sorted out my emails. It is surprising how many do not need a reply after a few weeks! There were almost 4,000 in my personal ‘in’ boxes and ninety percent of them were ‘junk’ mail, so they have been marked as such, which may or may not cut down on the number of emails I receive. I have one email to reply to which requires a lengthy reply to my friend in Portugal, which I will do later in the week. I always keep my OU emails up-to-date so nothing extra to do there. Other than that I have not done much else.

It has been cloudy all day, but so far we have not had any rain. I have watered all the tubs and hanging baskets although some are looking a little sad, eaten by the deer, rather than the slugs.

Today’s picture is of my husband after he had done some temporary repairs to the mower.

Great Weather



For ducks. Well what can you expect? It is Easter after all.

The weather was not too bad this morning, but by lunchtime it was raining, one cat stayed out and got very wet, while the other one came in and went to sleep in her bed.

I had not taken any pictures until late afternoon, so I had to go out in the rain. I took a few of wet flowers and the pond and then spotted a Lesser Celandine flower. As I was walking into the orchard to take a picture of it these Mallards obliged by running up the orchard from the pond to feed on the dropped nuts and seeds. Blip sorted.


BorderIt was a nice morning so I did some gardening, only two hours, of tidying up, tying up plants and planting those I purchased on Sunday. Other than that I have not done much else of interest. Although it has been sunny, it has clouded over several times and looked as though it would rain; but did not do so. Today’s picture is part of one of our larger borders and where I was working this morning.