Cutting the Grass

Or more to the point hacking it.

I do not normally cut the grass as I do all of the borders; ten in all as well as keeping the tubs and window boxes in order. However, with my husband unable to mow for the foreseeable future, something had to be done. My Son-in-Law offered to do the lawns, but the problem was getting his mower to our house. He could use our small electric mower, which I used, but the battery life is very short, sometimes only ten minutes, so I decided that it would be a waste of his time.

Today’s first  picture above, shows part of the front lawn after a rather ragged cut; the second picture (taken by my husband) shows what it looked like before I started. I had to charge the battery three times and mowed the front, (there is a lot more to do than just this small section,) and made a start on the grass at the back of the house.  The picture at the bottom shows part of the back lawn after it had been cut. I plan to finish the section behind the house tomorrow. I have no plans to use the ride-on mower, getting it in and out of the shed alone is a major operation with less than an inch either side of the doorway. So the orchard will be left uncut and allowed to go wild, for now, the deer and rabbits can munch away at it as much as they like.

Other than that, I spent the morning catching up with paperwork and various other jobs; the evening was spent knitting.


Flowering Currant

Flowering Currant

The weather has been variable today with some sunshine, but also very overcast at times.

I spent some of the day catching up with paperwork, which seems to be never ending as well as reviewing some papers for some researchers. I also caught up with last night’s Broadchurch.

I took the dressing off my thumb last night and it has already healed very well, allowing me to use it properly again.

Today’s picture is of my Flowering Currant bush, which is just beginning to flower. This is an ornamental bush and does not bear fruit; it seems very early this year.


One of today’s picture is of my Busy Lizzie plant; the other is a Primrose growing in the border. The Busy Lizzie was brought into the house last year just before the frosts killed them. It has decided to flower in February, so I thought it worthy of a blip.

Our grandson Oliver visited this morning, he had not visited his Grandad while he was in hospital and will not go near a hospital if he can help it; too many bad memories for him and his hate of needles. He discussed amongst other things how his apprenticeship is going. Other than that we had a lazy Sunday.

It has bee a dry, sometimes dull day with some sunshine.



A dull day with not much colour in the garden although there are masses of Snowdrops in various stages of opening. Some of the 500 plus bulbs that Victoria and I planted in the Autumn are coming through the ground. There is not a lot of wildlife in the garden, but they are obviously about as some of the green leaves that have come through with the bulb flowers have been eaten. Today’s main picture is of some Snowdrops which are flowering in one of the front borders. The two below are cream Primroses and a white Polyanthus.




It has continued to rain during the night and most of today, but there is still the pond does not contain any water. The difference in the garden borders is that there are now quite a few Winter Aconites blooming and many clumps of Snowdrops. Today’s picture is of one clump; these were the most in bloom and as usual were in a dark place behind the bin where the grass cuttings are placed.

My First Snowdrop of 2017


It will not be the last!


This morning it was frosty, but not quite as cold as it has been these last few days.

I did some work with students, but spent much of the day ‘Spring’ cleaning, even though it is still January. Pictures of cleaning do not make much of a picture, so today’s picture is of a badly battered, trodden on (by deer?) and eaten Snowdrop. I have been looking in the garden daily for the Winter Aconites, which often appear before the Snowdrops, but they are nowhere to be seen. This Snowdrop is often the first one to flower and is one of those placed on my Splodge’s grave.