Jacket Potato and a Barn Owl

Today’s picture is of my jacket potato and cheese lunch, as we left Café Thyme we met Blast and had a chat. Then we had a walk around the town before meeting some Mensa friends in Waterstones Bookshop.

It was cold, but dry all day except as we drove home in the late afternoon it started to rain.

I have also included a rather blurry picture, it was getting dark when I saw this Barn Owl sitting on the shed roof over by our far boundary. I have seen Tawny Owls in the garden, but never a Barn Owl, so this had to be records.



Today we had a meeting in Bishop’s Stortford so we decided to go in a little earlier and have lunch in the South Street Pantry. The sun shone briefly this morning, but since then it has been dull, overcast and raining, so today’s picture is of my lunch; jacket potato with cheese, beans and mixed leaves. Although I took a proper camera with me, it was raining when we arrived so it was left in the car; this was taken with my iPhone.


jacket-potatoWe went into Cambridge this morning for a few things and to meet some friends, in a café near the Grafton Centre. They do have some gluten free items such as pasta, but I only had a warm gluten-free chocolate brownie with chocolate sauce and ice cream. I forgot to take a picture of it until after I had eaten it so instead you have the mediocre jacket potato and salad that I ate elsewhere before meeting our friends.



My husband had an Addenbrookes Hospital appointment today, but it was in the middle of the day, so it rather messed up the whole day. Once he had finished at Addenbrookes we went to Scotsdales for lunch and this is where today’s picture was taken.

I have to say the lunch was not as good as usual; we waited almost twenty-five minutes from ordering before it arrived at our table. My salad was much smaller than normal and warm and limp; it has been very hot all day, but I would not expect salad to be left out in this heat. My husband’s New York chicken tasted good, but his vegetables were very overcooked and I am not sure what they had done to the mashed potato; it was gloopy and looked as though it had either not been cooked properly and mashed before the starch had been broken down or it had been overworked when mashed.

It has been exceedingly hot again registering thirty degrees Celsius during the afternoon.