Flowering Currant

Flowering Currant

The weather has been variable today with some sunshine, but also very overcast at times.

I spent some of the day catching up with paperwork, which seems to be never ending as well as reviewing some papers for some researchers. I also caught up with last night’s Broadchurch.

I took the dressing off my thumb last night and it has already healed very well, allowing me to use it properly again.

Today’s picture is of my Flowering Currant bush, which is just beginning to flower. This is an ornamental bush and does not bear fruit; it seems very early this year.



Today’s picture was going to be a slice of carrot cake, which I ate at The Mess Café in Duxford, where I met with other members of the Cambridgeshire Coeliac Group; I had eaten it before I remembered to take a picture!

We came home for lunch and then I decided to do some tidying up in the front garden. The hanging baskets are long past their best and have been removed to the back of the house as there are some tiny pansies still growing. I trimmed one of our wisteria plants, but only so that we can get to the hook on the gate more easily. I need Victoria to do a better job; her arms work better than mine, especially as I am waiting to have physio on my right shoulder. Then I weeded the two large brick borders, not as well as I might have done, if it had not started to rain. They look better than they did and I can now add some more plants to them. There are a lot of spring bulbs in them and I shall also add some more Snowdrops and Crocus bulbs.

Today’s picture is one of my orange Heuchera plants, I have several different colours; this one has grown some new leaves after it had been nibbled by the deer. The stalks that disappear into the edges of the picture are where the deer have eaten the older leaves.

Tomorrow I am off to have the ganglion removed from my left-hand. The NHS no longer remove such things, even though it is pressing on a nerve and making my left thumb numb. I am going to see Mr Tariq Ahmad, a consultant plastic surgeon at his Cambridge clinic, which is in Great Shelford.


We went in to Bishop’s Stortford this morning as my husband needed a few things. We had breakfast in a different café, its name I cannot remember! They did a good full English breakfast, which my husband had; I had a gluten-free bacon and avocado sandwich. They also do gluten-free cake, which I shall sample at some point in the future. I forgot to take a picture until after our plates were empty! We did some shopping and then to finish we went into Waterstones café for coffee; no cake.

This afternoon I have once again been sorting out photographs and then had a walk around the garden. I went to look for a Mint Moth. It is not as good as I would like, it is very windy out, but I decided to use it as it is the only one I have seen this year; as Autumn approaches, there may not be another one.

Tea Clipper


The day started with breakfast in the Rosey Lea café in Bishop’s Stortford, followed by shopping and a short walk. After taking our purchases back to the car we decided on coffee (no cake, I must not ruin all my good work, now that I can get into size 14 jeans,) before coming home.

I did not take any suitable pictures in Bishop’s Stortford, so I took a walk around the garden and decided on this rose, it is called Tea Clipper and it has been blipped may times before; it is my favourite rose.
The weather is warm and sunny, but often clouding over, but so far no rain, with the temperature reaching twenty degrees Celsius around noon.

White Flowers


Another hot day and the washing was soon dry on my new rotary washing line. Formula One qualifying from Hungary today, which was delayed several times due to torrential downpours.

Today’s picture is of some white flowers that are growing on one of our shrubs in the orchard part of the garden; I cannot remember what they are.


Rhapsody in Blue



Another warm, sunny day and our neighbours visited this morning for coffee. This is quite a rare occurrence as although we seen them when they pass the house on their way to work or when one or the other of us have taken in a parcel, we tend not to visit each other’s homes. Today was an exception as they brought me a present from their recent holiday. They had not been before as they had both been poorly while on their cruise and when they arrived home.

Today’s picture is of my second favourite rose, it is called Rhapsody in Blue and is a cross between a blue and a purple. I chose this instead of my present which is a hand painted china cat.