Addenbrookes Today


The pciture on the left shows my lunch, eaten at 0930 hours this morning; well it seemed like lunchtime. We were at Addenbrookes Hospital this morning just after 0600 hours for my husband’s surgery on his spine at C4/5/6. He was supposed to be second on the theatre list, but then somewhere along the line they changed the list so that he was first and came to the ward to collect him; he was not ready, having not had a cannula inserted, his special stockings fitted or his blood pressure taken! He went to theatre at 0845 hours and was back in the ward at 1400 hours. Just after that he was eating a roast beef sandwich and drinking coffee, which was not up to the standard that he has at home, but welcome all the same. The picture on the right is my husband waiting to go to theatre.


Gluten-free Lunch

lunchI was working this morning when my daughter rang to ask if I wanted to go out for lunch; she works from home on Friday. Fortunately I had not taken the fish out of the freezer or turned on the oven. She had heard about ‘Nellies’, on FaceBook, a small café nearby, so I left my husband downloading updates on his computer and went out for lunch.

The café is on the way to Saffron Walden and next to ‘Wendy’s’ shop. Apparently it is called Nellies after a horse in a 1965 comedy film staring Norman Wisdom, not that I would ever have seen it.

Today’s picture is my lunch, a gluten-free cheese sandwich, with pickles, salad and crisps; the coffee was good too. I had almost finished one sandwich before I remembered to take a picture. As it was raining I was going to take an indoor picture, which featured cacti, but that can wait for another day.

On returning home I cooked my husband’s lunch and got back to work.



My husband had an Addenbrookes Hospital appointment today, but it was in the middle of the day, so it rather messed up the whole day. Once he had finished at Addenbrookes we went to Scotsdales for lunch and this is where today’s picture was taken.

I have to say the lunch was not as good as usual; we waited almost twenty-five minutes from ordering before it arrived at our table. My salad was much smaller than normal and warm and limp; it has been very hot all day, but I would not expect salad to be left out in this heat. My husband’s New York chicken tasted good, but his vegetables were very overcooked and I am not sure what they had done to the mashed potato; it was gloopy and looked as though it had either not been cooked properly and mashed before the starch had been broken down or it had been overworked when mashed.

It has been exceedingly hot again registering thirty degrees Celsius during the afternoon.



There was a frost first thing this morning, with sunshine and blue sky, but as the day wore on it became overcast, but did not rain. Today’s picture is of some lads eating their lunch, outside Carlucci’s restaurant near the Grand Arcade.

We went to Cambridge, as I wanted to purchase two more security cameras for the house, although one had to be ordered. We started with breakfast and then went to Greens Café for coffee; they did not have any gluten-free cake. The boss lady was not in today and I suspect that they had not taken any out of the freezer. After purchasing some items that my husband wanted, we went back over to the Grafton Centre so that I could purchase two large wooden boxes of pens, pencils, crayons and paints, which were rather too heavy to carry very far, which is why they were purchased last. We decided on more coffee and cake in BHS, but they have discontinued their gluten free cake and hot pies as they said there was no call for them; I was not impressed.

Scotsdales saved the day with a gluten-free cake and more coffee. I went into the garden centre for some more peanuts and came out with various other bits and pieces. We also purchased two new wooden chairs and a small table for the conservatory; they will be delivered next Monday.

All-in-all a pretty good day.



Today has been a long day, I was up at 0445 hours, as I took my hospital to Addenbrookes hospital; we were there by 0630 hours. He was gowned and ready for theatre by 0900 hours, but it was not until 1515 hours that they came to collect him. I had been told he would be about three hours, but when I went back to A3 where he was going to after surgery, I was told that he was still in theatre and not yet in the recovery room; it would be at least another two to three hours. I came home.

I was hardly through the door when the sister on C8 rang to say he was out of theatre and been taken to C8; this is orthopaedic and the sister did not say why he had been taken there. I have not spoken to him; maybe he does not have his phone with him as all his belongs were on A3 as he should have gone back there.

After he had gone to theatre I went down on to the concourse to wait; my daughter arrived to wait with me. Today’s picture is my lunch eaten at 1600 hours.