The weather has been strange today, quite warm and sunny, suddenly changing to overcast.

I have done very little today, except watch the F1 Qualy from Spain. Then I went outside to get my blip and decided on these Mallards, they were sitting on the lawn, but moved to the water, as I got closer. Unlike the young Squirrel trying to get nuts out of an almost empty nut box. He was so small he could not reach the nuts at the bottom of the box. I refilled it for him, but he shows no fear of humans or cats, allowing me to get so close that I could touch him, although I did not. I filled his box for him and hope that he soon gets streetwise, or should that be gardenwise, very soon. I have not blipped the Squirrel as my husband took a picture of him earlier for his blip.

My students are almost at the end of their module and just to keep me busy, the script marking guide arrived this morning. I have to test mark six scripts and then go to Milton Keynes at the end of the week to discuss the scripts and marking with the module chair and the other script markers so that we set a standard for the hundreds of scripts to be marked. A lot of work, for very little money, but it is something I love to do.



No, not Dragons flying Mallards.

For those of you who were expecting to see a picture of Milton Keynes or an image from along the way, you will be disappointed and all due to Abilleo Greater Anglia. Up very early for a Saturday and on the railway station platform at 0635 hours for the 0643 hours train to London Liverpool Street Station. A delay of nine minutes was on the display board. To this notice, like the 0743 hours it was then updated to delayed. The ticket seller later came and told us that the train in front of mine, the Stansted Express had problems with its brakes and trains would not run again until it was movev and this would be at least forty minutes. I warmed up in the house and went back out later only to be told that the train had not yet been moved; he was doubtful that the 0843 hours would run; I asked for a refund on my ticket. I did consider going into Cambridge and catching the fast train to London Kings Cross, but all of the trains to Cambridge had been cancelled; they needed to use the ‘down’ line to transfer the broken train onto in order to send it back to Cambridge. Once the trains were running, it was far too late; arriving in time for lunch and three hours in the afternoon was, to my mind rather pointless. However, this situation is not unusual for commuters. When my husband worked in London he was often very late home due to various transport problems.

So what have I done with my ‘free’ day? I have caught up with Masterchef, my husband hates it and any other programmes of a similar ilk and so I always watch it on iPlayer on my computer. I have also sorted out two small surveillance cameras, which I originally bought to capture images of the wildlife in the garden at night. We (and others in the village) have had more problems with boys hammering on the front door and it is possible that the cameras will pick them up too. Yesterday they made the mistake of going up the lane, past the house; I suspect that they thought we were out. Unfortunately for them, I heard them coming back and was ready with my camera; I managed to get some good shots of their faces, before they saw me and turned their heads away. I have contacted the Joyce Franklin Academy, again, they are wearing their uniform and the Newport Village FaceBook page has asked me to post pictures on FaceBook. Not only are they a nuisance to us and others, they are also trespassing when they run backwards and forwards over the bridge and play on the platforms.



There was torrential rain overnight and again this morning, then it brightened up a little with some sunshine but by mid-afternoon it was getting quite dark and thundery with more rain and then large hail stones. My extra picture shows the outside doormat with Florence’s footprints in the hail; she was out during the hailstorm, sheltering somewhere.

Today’s main picture is of two male Mallards, fighting over a female on our pond.


Great Weather



For ducks. Well what can you expect? It is Easter after all.

The weather was not too bad this morning, but by lunchtime it was raining, one cat stayed out and got very wet, while the other one came in and went to sleep in her bed.

I had not taken any pictures until late afternoon, so I had to go out in the rain. I took a few of wet flowers and the pond and then spotted a Lesser Celandine flower. As I was walking into the orchard to take a picture of it these Mallards obliged by running up the orchard from the pond to feed on the dropped nuts and seeds. Blip sorted.