This morning I decided that it was time to sort out some clothes, mainly socks and underwear. I was in a ruthless mood so did a good job. I then moved onto one of my wardrobes and put some summer things away making room for winter clothes. I got a lot more done than I anticipated and have some bags to take to the clothes bank at our local fire station. Then before watching the F1 highlights I cooked lunch. My daughter informed me today that my favourite game from years ago ‘Age of Empires’ has been re-released. Now I have to look for a version that will run on my Mac. Failing that I think I might have to buy a ‘Windows” machine just to play it on!

Today’s picture is of the lower orchard and the marsh beyond. I had not realised until my husband pointed it out that I had also included our young cherry tree, (his picture for today) which has been eaten by deer; the cage that protects it had come off, whether by deer or my husband’s mowing we do not know.

Sunshine and Showers


The weather started off very grey and dull after overnight rain, but then warmed quite a lot, although there were intermittent showers throughout the day. I have spent time getting up-to-date with emails and other paperwork rather than gardening. I also cleared the third windowsill in the kitchen, of the plants, which live there, re-potting some and taking others outside to enjoy the summer rain.

Victoria has been helping again today and it looks as though the second kitchen window is as far forward as it can be for now. My husband wants to make a start on the third window while he has Victoria to help him, then he can finish both windows himself when she is unavailable.

Today’s picture is of part of the lower garden, our view across the marsh, but also including the dry pond, in the right hand corner.



No, not Dragons flying Mallards.

For those of you who were expecting to see a picture of Milton Keynes or an image from along the way, you will be disappointed and all due to Abilleo Greater Anglia. Up very early for a Saturday and on the railway station platform at 0635 hours for the 0643 hours train to London Liverpool Street Station. A delay of nine minutes was on the display board. To this notice, like the 0743 hours it was then updated to delayed. The ticket seller later came and told us that the train in front of mine, the Stansted Express had problems with its brakes and trains would not run again until it was movev and this would be at least forty minutes. I warmed up in the house and went back out later only to be told that the train had not yet been moved; he was doubtful that the 0843 hours would run; I asked for a refund on my ticket. I did consider going into Cambridge and catching the fast train to London Kings Cross, but all of the trains to Cambridge had been cancelled; they needed to use the ‘down’ line to transfer the broken train onto in order to send it back to Cambridge. Once the trains were running, it was far too late; arriving in time for lunch and three hours in the afternoon was, to my mind rather pointless. However, this situation is not unusual for commuters. When my husband worked in London he was often very late home due to various transport problems.

So what have I done with my ‘free’ day? I have caught up with Masterchef, my husband hates it and any other programmes of a similar ilk and so I always watch it on iPlayer on my computer. I have also sorted out two small surveillance cameras, which I originally bought to capture images of the wildlife in the garden at night. We (and others in the village) have had more problems with boys hammering on the front door and it is possible that the cameras will pick them up too. Yesterday they made the mistake of going up the lane, past the house; I suspect that they thought we were out. Unfortunately for them, I heard them coming back and was ready with my camera; I managed to get some good shots of their faces, before they saw me and turned their heads away. I have contacted the Joyce Franklin Academy, again, they are wearing their uniform and the Newport Village FaceBook page has asked me to post pictures on FaceBook. Not only are they a nuisance to us and others, they are also trespassing when they run backwards and forwards over the bridge and play on the platforms.

Lower Orchard and Marsh


After a disrupted day yesterday I have been frantically catching up, mainly with indoor jobs; despite the lovely weather, the garden borders will have to wait.

Today’s picture is of our lower end of our orchard, complete with our almost normal pond. This part of our orchard was destroyed almost two years ago and restored last year; it is looking better than it has done for a while. I was going to blip some pear or cherry blossom, but the blue sky in this one made it my choice for today.

Although it is looking towards the house from the pond, instead of today’s picture looking over the marsh, this is what it looked like last year, after it had been destroyed and before it was restored to its current state.


Foggy Marsh

My picture today is very similar to the one my husband posted! Mine was taken only a few minutes later than his and was taken across the marsh for my report today for BBC Weather Watchers. It was freezing fog and the garden temperature was minus three degrees Celsius. I was outside in my dressing gown as I was sure the fog would have disappeared if I had waited until after showering and dressing. I am not sure what the commuters, waiting for the 0713 hours train thought; maybe I was enveloped in the fog and not seen at all!

I had planned to do various jobs today, but my daughter telephoned and asked if I would go with her to buy some new clothes. She has an important judo meeting to go to tomorrow and some meetings for work next week; she has lost a lot of weight and none of her clothes fitted properly. Two hours and fifteen items later, we left the shop for home; no time to stop for coffee. Having lost fourteen kilos already, I must now make a greater effort to lose my last four kilos before she overtakes me.

Dull, Cold and Wet


Clouds over the Marsh

So much for the first day of Spring yesterday, although the ‘proper’ start of Spring is not until the Spring Equinox. Looking at today’s weather it seems to indicate that it is winter has returned.

It has been raining and very cold this morning, now this afternoon, after a few patches of blue sky, we have very dark clouds and more rain; it is also very windy. The picture does not really show how dull and dark it it.

Pink Sunrise over the Marsh


Today’s picture is another sunrise, but I chose to blip this as it is very different from yesterday’s picture. This has not been altered in any way and according to my husband; it was pinker and better three minutes before I went outside!

I do not seem to have got into the habit of working again since Christmas, although this does not matter too much as this week I do not have a lot to do. I have prepared everything for next week when I will be working almost everyday.

The sun has been shining all day, although it is still quite cold. Dougal wants to be in when he is out and out when he is in. Florence on the other hand has been out, climbed a few trees, drunk from a dirty puddle and then spent the rest of the day sleeping in her upstairs bed.