Stripy Crocus

Stripy Crocus

I was going to follow on from yesterday’s theme and blip a bird, but they were not playing ball and except for some pigeons disappeared from the garden. However, my husband has blipped a Partridge, one of two that were in the garden early this morning. Like the Barn Owl I included yesterday as an extra, I have never seen a Partridge in the garden in all the years I have lived here.

Today’s picture is of a stripy purple Crocus flowering in the front garden; it is complete with an ant.

It is cold and windy here and looks as though it might rain.


We went into Bishop’s Stortford this morning and made the usual rounds of the cafés for breakfast and later, coffee and cake. I also looked at Nissan cars, but they all seem so much bigger and uglier than my little Peugeot. It is time to think about changing her as the bodywork is starting to need a lot of work.

Today’s pictures are  of my two favourite roses, Rhapsody in Blue, is it fades and the Tea Clipper bud. The roses are almost finished, for this year, but now I can start to look forward to my favourite flower, the Snowdrop.

Small Tortoiseshell Butterfly


This morning, within the space of about ten minutes, we had, rain, sunshine, high winds, it was cold and there was a rainbow. I was just about to go out to feed my other cats when I spotted a rainbow and drew my husband’s attention to it. I was going to blip it, but who needs a rainbow when they can have a butterfly.

My computer has spent most of the day backing up my several thousand photographs to a 2TB external hard drive. I now have to be brave enough to remove them from my computer, but will not do so until later in the week. My computer is almost pout of space and exceeding slow. Before I remove them I plan to try to fool ‘Dropbox’ into uploading them, by taking them from the external hard drive, rather than directly from my computer. I will then feel happy that they are all backed up properly. I have about 50,000 already backed up on Flickr; I am a ‘belt and braces’ kind of person!

Rhapsody in Blue


I have spent the whole day sodding messing about with photographs and getting to grips with ‘Dropbox’. In the past I have not used ‘Dropbox’ very often except on the odd occasion when I needed to transfer pictures to my daughter. However, although all my pictures are on my computer, backed up on hard drives and posted on Flickr, I decided that ‘Dropbox’ might be a good thing to back them up to as well. However, it has not been as straightforward as I thought it might and with 50,000 plus photographs it is going to take a while!

Other than that I have done little else, except cook lunch and take a walk around the garden to take today’s picture. My choice today is of my second favourite rose, Rhapsody in Blue and this afternoon, with the sunshine falling on it, it appears to be two different colours.

Glorious Twelfth

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAToday is the glorious twelfth and is a term used to refer to the start of shooting season for red grouse (Lagopus lagopus scotica), and to a lesser extent the ptarmigan (Lagopus muta) in Great Britain and Northern Ireland. This information was taken from this website. It has certainly been glorious here although I am not sure it is glorious for the game birds; it is still twenty-five degrees Celsius where I live at 1500 hours this afternoon.

My daughter and granddaughter visited this morning, my daughter works from home on Friday, so had to answer the phone several times while they were here.

Another day of doing not too much; I shall be watching more of the Olympics now that the athletics have started. I am not so keen on the swimming and water activities, but like all of the athletic disciplines.

Today’s picture is of another Peacock butterfly, feeding on the Buddleja; you can see the blue sky in the background.

Two Bees


I did a little gardening this morning, planting the plants I purchased yesterday and positioning the new solar lights. My husband also moved the bird feeder from its stand to a more secure position in the border. I thought that the wind had blown it over, but now think it was probably the deer knocking it over to get to the plants in the border.

Today’s picture is of two bees on one of the Lavender flowers. I also saw a Meadow Brown butterfly, which did not appear when I was doing the Big Butterfly Count!

It has been hot and sunny for most of the day although it has clouded over once or twice.

Viola Flowers


This we had breakfast in a little café, before collecting my new spectacles, which look exactly the same as my previous ones, except the lens as different. Then we went to Scotsdales, well it is almost on the way home. I wanted some floating pond plants for my frogs to sit on, but they had sold out, more were due to be delivered later today, but we did not have time to wait for them.

Today’s picture is of some Violas, which are in one of my hanging baskets.