Orange Broome

Orange Broome

The day started with me taking my husband to the surgery for his monthly blood tests; a lengthy and sometimes difficult procedure with him not allowed to put weight on his leg. Then home to deal with student’s tutorials.

I took today’s picture between the dew rain showers we have had today. It is of the flowers on one of our orange Broome shrubs.

When walking around the garden I noticed we have frogspawn in the small wildlife pond. I thought there was some the other day, but was not certain until today. This is the first year, since I created this pond that it has appeared.


sunrise-nikon-purpleToday’s pictures were taken early this morning when the sky was changing dramatically as we watched. The garden was bathed in a golden glow, just as some snowflakes began to fall. The two included are the first and last pictures taken using two different cameras and taken within two or three minutes of each other.

There was overnight snow, if it can be called that, but there was not very much. I walked to my daughter’s home, I was too lazy to clean the frost and light snow off the car, as it was a day for having our nails done. Every few months I have mine taken off completely, otherwise my nails begin to come away from my fingers. There was a snowstorm while we were in the nail bar and on the drive home, but this gave way to sunshine, but by noon the snow had disappeared. It has been exceedingly cold and windy, but the barometer is climbing so maybe that is our snow for this year. There are more on my Flickr account.




Today’s picture was going to be a slice of carrot cake, which I ate at The Mess Café in Duxford, where I met with other members of the Cambridgeshire Coeliac Group; I had eaten it before I remembered to take a picture!

We came home for lunch and then I decided to do some tidying up in the front garden. The hanging baskets are long past their best and have been removed to the back of the house as there are some tiny pansies still growing. I trimmed one of our wisteria plants, but only so that we can get to the hook on the gate more easily. I need Victoria to do a better job; her arms work better than mine, especially as I am waiting to have physio on my right shoulder. Then I weeded the two large brick borders, not as well as I might have done, if it had not started to rain. They look better than they did and I can now add some more plants to them. There are a lot of spring bulbs in them and I shall also add some more Snowdrops and Crocus bulbs.

Today’s picture is one of my orange Heuchera plants, I have several different colours; this one has grown some new leaves after it had been nibbled by the deer. The stalks that disappear into the edges of the picture are where the deer have eaten the older leaves.

Tomorrow I am off to have the ganglion removed from my left-hand. The NHS no longer remove such things, even though it is pressing on a nerve and making my left thumb numb. I am going to see Mr Tariq Ahmad, a consultant plastic surgeon at his Cambridge clinic, which is in Great Shelford.


We went into Bishop’s Stortford this morning and made the usual rounds of the cafés for breakfast and later, coffee and cake. I also looked at Nissan cars, but they all seem so much bigger and uglier than my little Peugeot. It is time to think about changing her as the bodywork is starting to need a lot of work.

Today’s pictures are  of my two favourite roses, Rhapsody in Blue, is it fades and the Tea Clipper bud. The roses are almost finished, for this year, but now I can start to look forward to my favourite flower, the Snowdrop.

Courgette and Orange Cake


My Cake

As I have very little work until I start script marking I decided that today I would bake a cake. I also made a tomato pasta bake from the recipe on the back of the Heinz tomato soup tin; I enjoyed it, my husband ate it, but is not keen to have it again.

I have several recipes that I have collected and wanted to try when I had time, all contain vegetables. As my husband does not like carrot or chocolate cake, I decided to try the courgette, orange and walnut cake. Today’s main picture shows the finished cake; the extra is a picture of the cake taken from the recipe. The walnuts and orange pieces were deliberately left off: the butter cream was flavoured with orange. The original recipe was taken from a Waitrose magazine and has been adapted to make it gluten-free.

It is another hot day, not a good day for cooking and baking. Dougal does not know whether he wants to be in the house in the North lounge, which is cool, or outside under some garden furniture. Florence is sunbathing on the balcony and it is doubtful whether she will come in again before it gets dark.

Original cake.jpg

Picture of original cake from original recipe