Autumn in the Orchard


The day started with thick fog again, was slow to clear; then it rained. Both Dougal and Florence have been outside several times to check the weather, unanimously deciding it was too cold and wet to be outside. I agree with them and have plenty of indoor jobs to do.

I cannot find my birth certificate and this morning I got around to ordering a new one. However, it is possible that it will only have my first name on it. Until I was eight months old, when I was christened, I did not have a middle name. My godmother handed me to the vicar and add a middle name, which was a variation of her name; my father was furious and I have always hated my middle name. I have also replied to various emails and made several telephone calls.

The garden is looking very neglected with wet leaves falling and there was not much to photograph. Florence posed reluctantly, but my final choice is a picture of one of our cherry trees on the right and the Discovery apple tree on the left.

We are now into November and my most hated month, October has passed once again, to be replaced by my second hated month, November. However, there are only fifty-seven sleeps to Christmas!

Update: Looking back at my blip entry on Blipfoto, to five years ago, today’s picture can be compared with the one in 2011. Although from a different angle, the leaves that year have not fallen as quickly.

This morning I decided that it was time to sort out some clothes, mainly socks and underwear. I was in a ruthless mood so did a good job. I then moved onto one of my wardrobes and put some summer things away making room for winter clothes. I got a lot more done than I anticipated and have some bags to take to the clothes bank at our local fire station. Then before watching the F1 highlights I cooked lunch. My daughter informed me today that my favourite game from years ago ‘Age of Empires’ has been re-released. Now I have to look for a version that will run on my Mac. Failing that I think I might have to buy a ‘Windows” machine just to play it on!

Today’s picture is of the lower orchard and the marsh beyond. I had not realised until my husband pointed it out that I had also included our young cherry tree, (his picture for today) which has been eaten by deer; the cage that protects it had come off, whether by deer or my husband’s mowing we do not know.



I spent the morning updating photographs on the Internet and bringing my diary up-to-date with all the cut-off and important dates, until May 2017, for the Open University October presentation of Y032, which I tutor. I do not yet have a group; they will be allocated during the next few days. So I have not prepared anything until I know I have been contracted.

Just before lunch I looked at some journals and was inspired by Dave, another blipper who had been doing the same this this morning, to go out into the garden this afternoon and cut down my Golden Rod as well as some other plants and weeds. I only did an hour before my back and my shoulder declared that it was time to stop. I still have a great many shrubs to trim, but they will have to wait for another day. Hopefully my granddaughter will be around to help, maybe on a Saturday morning or during half-term.

Today’s picture is the first of three wheelbarrow loads of shrub cuttings and weeds; helped by Dougal who managed to get into most of my pictures. I can now see all of the small pond as well as the rockery that surrounds it from my kitchen window. Before coming indoors I refilled all the wild animal water bowls and bird feeders. Maybe now I will be able to see the animals that come to drink the water at dusk

Lower Orchard and Marsh


After a disrupted day yesterday I have been frantically catching up, mainly with indoor jobs; despite the lovely weather, the garden borders will have to wait.

Today’s picture is of our lower end of our orchard, complete with our almost normal pond. This part of our orchard was destroyed almost two years ago and restored last year; it is looking better than it has done for a while. I was going to blip some pear or cherry blossom, but the blue sky in this one made it my choice for today.

Although it is looking towards the house from the pond, instead of today’s picture looking over the marsh, this is what it looked like last year, after it had been destroyed and before it was restored to its current state.