spring-flowersIt has been raining for most of the day, but two animals decided that they wanted to go outside. Florence sat on the balcony for a while before coming in; Dougal did his usual routine of going out of the back door and then again he tried the front door; it was raining at both doors so finally he gave up and slept on his blanket on the sofa in the dining room.

We have started to interview builders again in the hope that we can finally get the building work in the kitchen and main bathroom completed. Other than that there has not been a lot going on. I have some knitting ready (new-born hats) to be sent to a hospital in the United Kingdom and some ponchos and hats to send to Wales, ready for them to be sent on to an orphanage abroad. I shall not be walking to the village to post these in the rain!


Today’s picture is of a Lesser Celandine, which is a little bit past its best. I do not like yellow flowers, but this is the closest we shall be to seeing any yellow sunshine; we have Easter weather and I shall say no more.

I have done some work, but not as much as I hoped as I have been online purchasing some clothes for the summer! I need to sort out my wardrobe and remove all the clothes that are too big for me. Although I have a little more weight to lose the last few kilos are taking their time in going, but I doubt, I will drop another size so feel safe in ordering just a few things, but not in yellow.