Purple Alpine Viola

Voila2I mowed the grass at the front of the house this morning and as well as some just behind the house; I also did some deadheading of Spring flowers. I was going to mow some more grass after I had watched the F1 Qualifying, but there were a few spots of rain when I went out to look for a blip, so I decided to leave the mowing for another day.

I found today’s picture, of a tiny Alpine purple Viola flower, growing in the Alpine garden. I did not remember that it was there and although it has been nibbled by something, I decided that it should be my picture for today.

Whilst in the garden I noticed that the frost had killed all of the Wisteria flowers, both blue and white. This was the first year that the blue one had ever shown signs of flowering. The Kiwi fruit tree has also had all of its leaves destroyed by frost; that is what happens in a frost hollow. Maybe they will recover and flower later in the year or maybe we have to wait for next year.



Although my thumb has not yet recovered from the cut it received yesterday and the dressing is still in place I decided that I would defrost the freezer. It was badly frozen and by the time I have finished it will have taken about six hours!

Today is Josephine’s birthday, (my car) she is twenty-two and I did not expect to have her this long. I have spared you a photograph of her and chose these open Crocus flowers, complete with ants.

We interviewed another builder this morning and hopefully before too long we will decide which one we will use. He is also going to send his plumber to give us a quote for removing the old boiler and installing the new one. Looks like I might get my kitchen this year.

As you can see from the picture of these open Crocus flowers, the sun is shinning.

Crocuses and Primroses

It was sunny during the morning, but clouded over in the afternoon. A day of catching up with more paperwork, not sure where it all comes from!

Today’s pictures are of some purple Crocus buds growing in one of the front brick tubs at the North end of the house. There are quite a lot of bulbs coming through which Victoria and I planted in the Autumn, but these have been there for many years. The Primrose is in the matching brick tub at the South end of the house and has also been there for many years.

Snowdrops and Crocus

This morning is was very sunny and quite warm, but it clouded over at lunchtime resulting in a dull afternoon. A little work today and a lot of paperwork to sort out.

Yesterday when I was in the garden, these Snowdrops were out, the Crocus were nowhere to be seen. Today they were fully open as was the purple one on the right-hand side.


We went into Bishop’s Stortford this morning and made the usual rounds of the cafés for breakfast and later, coffee and cake. I also looked at Nissan cars, but they all seem so much bigger and uglier than my little Peugeot. It is time to think about changing her as the bodywork is starting to need a lot of work.

Today’s pictures are  of my two favourite roses, Rhapsody in Blue, is it fades and the Tea Clipper bud. The roses are almost finished, for this year, but now I can start to look forward to my favourite flower, the Snowdrop.

Small Tortoiseshell Butterfly


This morning, within the space of about ten minutes, we had, rain, sunshine, high winds, it was cold and there was a rainbow. I was just about to go out to feed my other cats when I spotted a rainbow and drew my husband’s attention to it. I was going to blip it, but who needs a rainbow when they can have a butterfly.

My computer has spent most of the day backing up my several thousand photographs to a 2TB external hard drive. I now have to be brave enough to remove them from my computer, but will not do so until later in the week. My computer is almost pout of space and exceeding slow. Before I remove them I plan to try to fool ‘Dropbox’ into uploading them, by taking them from the external hard drive, rather than directly from my computer. I will then feel happy that they are all backed up properly. I have about 50,000 already backed up on Flickr; I am a ‘belt and braces’ kind of person!

Rhapsody in Blue


I have spent the whole day sodding messing about with photographs and getting to grips with ‘Dropbox’. In the past I have not used ‘Dropbox’ very often except on the odd occasion when I needed to transfer pictures to my daughter. However, although all my pictures are on my computer, backed up on hard drives and posted on Flickr, I decided that ‘Dropbox’ might be a good thing to back them up to as well. However, it has not been as straightforward as I thought it might and with 50,000 plus photographs it is going to take a while!

Other than that I have done little else, except cook lunch and take a walk around the garden to take today’s picture. My choice today is of my second favourite rose, Rhapsody in Blue and this afternoon, with the sunshine falling on it, it appears to be two different colours.