Glorious Twelfth

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAToday is the glorious twelfth and is a term used to refer to the start of shooting season for red grouse (Lagopus lagopus scotica), and to a lesser extent the ptarmigan (Lagopus muta) in Great Britain and Northern Ireland. This information was taken from this website. It has certainly been glorious here although I am not sure it is glorious for the game birds; it is still twenty-five degrees Celsius where I live at 1500 hours this afternoon.

My daughter and granddaughter visited this morning, my daughter works from home on Friday, so had to answer the phone several times while they were here.

Another day of doing not too much; I shall be watching more of the Olympics now that the athletics have started. I am not so keen on the swimming and water activities, but like all of the athletic disciplines.

Today’s picture is of another Peacock butterfly, feeding on the Buddleja; you can see the blue sky in the background.

Peacock Butterflies

Although it has been very warm today, Twenty-five degrees Celsius, it has also been very windy. So windy that it blew over the bird feeder stand, unless it was helped by a very large bird landing on it, but I did not see one.

One of our friends arrived at lunchtime so extra vegetables were cooked so that he could join us for lunch.

Today’s pictures are of a Peacock butterflies, one landed on this piece of wood, it kept its wings closed, probably because it was so windy. I liked the texture of the wood and the shadows. The other picture shows a different Peacock butterfly, sitting on a Buddleja flower.

Rhapsody in Blue



Another warm, sunny day and our neighbours visited this morning for coffee. This is quite a rare occurrence as although we seen them when they pass the house on their way to work or when one or the other of us have taken in a parcel, we tend not to visit each other’s homes. Today was an exception as they brought me a present from their recent holiday. They had not been before as they had both been poorly while on their cruise and when they arrived home.

Today’s picture is of my second favourite rose, it is called Rhapsody in Blue and is a cross between a blue and a purple. I chose this instead of my present which is a hand painted china cat.

Platycodon Grandiflorus


Another sunny day although I have not been outside very much except to take some pictures. I also watered the hanging baskets and the plants that needed watering. Then I took the small solar lights off of our dead ‘Monk Orange’ shrub. The Squirrels had helped by chewing through the wire in two places.

Today’s picture is of a Platycodon Grandiflorus, which is also known as a Balloon flower. I have blipped my daughter’s flower before, but when I saw these at Scotsdales, two jumped into my basket; a blue one and a white one.

I have finished work for today and will now be able to read my book until the Formula One highlights are on this evening.

Viola Flowers


This we had breakfast in a little café, before collecting my new spectacles, which look exactly the same as my previous ones, except the lens as different. Then we went to Scotsdales, well it is almost on the way home. I wanted some floating pond plants for my frogs to sit on, but they had sold out, more were due to be delivered later today, but we did not have time to wait for them.

Today’s picture is of some Violas, which are in one of my hanging baskets.