Karafuru Wool


I purchased some raffle tickets during the Easter break to win wool, sewing or crochet materials. This morning the postman delivered my prize, which is today’s picture. It is unusual wool, but came with three patterns and a small box of chocolates (not pictured).

We were told that the machine to exercise my husband’s knee replacement and broken leg would be collected today between 1000 hours and 1130 hours. At 1400 hours it was still cluttering up my hall! My husband rang his contact who later phoned back to say that the collection had been cancelled, by Addenbrookes. They will now have to collect it on Friday as we are at Addenbrookes tomorrow.

As I have very little to do for my students I am able to spend more time catching up on some downloaded cookery programmes, reading and more knitting.

A dull day with the threat of rain not far away at anytime.