Today’s picture is of a Ladybird on tone of our Rosemary plants; it was almost two Green Woodpeckers. As I sorted out the kitchen after lunch, I looked out of the window and there were two Green Woodpeckers in the orchard. I went to get the camera, but at the same time two motorbikes went down the lane and frightened them away.

I have spent much of the morning watching the London Marathon and plan to spend the afternoon knitting or catching up with my reading.

spring-flowersIt has been raining for most of the day, but two animals decided that they wanted to go outside. Florence sat on the balcony for a while before coming in; Dougal did his usual routine of going out of the back door and then again he tried the front door; it was raining at both doors so finally he gave up and slept on his blanket on the sofa in the dining room.

We have started to interview builders again in the hope that we can finally get the building work in the kitchen and main bathroom completed. Other than that there has not been a lot going on. I have some knitting ready (new-born hats) to be sent to a hospital in the United Kingdom and some ponchos and hats to send to Wales, ready for them to be sent on to an orphanage abroad. I shall not be walking to the village to post these in the rain!


hatsToday’s picture is of two of the small hats I have made for charity. I needed a break from knitting blankets and small clothes for premature babies in very fine white wool so I decided to make some hats for a different charity, before going back to the white knitting. I was rather pleased with the knitted flower, which is the first one I have made. This charity also likes little hearts on their hats so I will be attempting one later today.

It is cold and raining, although late this morning the sun was trying to shine; both cats are in the house so obviously they do not think the weather is suitable for outdoor activities. I think it is another day of reading and knitting. I will be very busy later this coming week with marking student’s scripts and a visit to Addenbrookes Hospital with my husband, so I shall make the most of this weekend to catch up on some magazines and books.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAA busy day today with many student tutorials to give, so not much time to find a blip. There are very few roses or any flowers, left in the garden and I wanted a pink one today for the Breast Cancer Awareness Month. However, the garden did not oblige so instead you have a red rosebud; anyway, red is just a deeper shade of pink.

So today, I am thinking of V and her daughter C, as well as little M, who had a rare genetic stomach cancer. I am also thinking of two other special ladies as well as anyone, blipper or not, where cancer has touched their lives.


Wet Poppies.jpg

I took today’s picture of these wet Poppies on my walk, with my husband, to the village pharmacy to collect our prescriptions. My prescription was ready, but we had to wait twenty-five minutes while they made up my husband’s items. Both prescriptions were ordered from the surgery at the same time and no explanation was forthcoming as to why his was not ready. Our previous pharmacist was excellent but has moved on to a better post. Our village pharmacy is going downhill rapidly, with many people travelling into Saffron Walden to get their prescriptions made up.

It rained quite a lot during the day, but was dry for our walk. However, today’s picture of these very wet Poppies, growing in the very on my ‘One Street’ show that the rain had been very heavy.



A fairly lazy Sunday, watching the Formula One from Italy and doing very little else. During the evening there were about nine Fallow deer in the garden; it was difficult to tell how many there were, as they kept moving about. My husband has taken some pictures and I will add some here later. The herd included dark and light coloured ones as well as large, medium sized and young deer. The young ones were acting like lambs, jumping in the air with all four feet off the ground.

Today’s picture is of one of my Crocosmia flowers. All the other flowers on this clump are yellow except this one, which is tinged with red; I have not seen this previously.

The weather is colder today and looked as though it would rain all day.