Reeves Muntjac – Mother and Fawn


It was cold and dry when I walked with my husband to the surgery for his monthly blood tests, but almost as soon as we got home it started to rain; later the sun came out, but only briefly. As I posted this picture in the late afternoon we had a hail storm.

I took today’s picture early this morning just as it was getting light. I saw them through the conservatory window, quite close to the house, but before I had grabbed a camera they had moved over to our boundary, making them more difficult to photograph. Shortly after this picture was taken they walked along the boundary, you can see the fence in the background; the only two shots I managed to get of them after this one, as they left the garden were too blurry as they decided to run.

Two Reeves Muntjac


I seem to have been going round in ever decreasing circles today, getting very little done. Our family flew back from Mexico over night and I spent some time tracking them, although only on the later part of their journey; I usually lose them over the Atlantic. They are now safely home and we have had a telephone catch-up. So this morning was the last day that I had to feed her animals and fish and fill bird feeders.

Today the weather has turned colder and shorts are no longer the order of the day. We have had several different animals in the garden today, but I have chosen these two female Reeves Muntjac, taken through the kitchen window.


Virgin Atlantic Flight VS94 – Cancun Airport to London Gatwick Airport

Oblivious; Or Is She?


I was just about to go out into the garden to look for my picture for today’s blip when I noticed a young Reeves Muntjac in the garden; it is likely to be Hoppy’s offspring as he is the only male that visits the garden. However, there may be a large number of male Muntjac, which we never see! On moving to a better position to take a picture I could see Florence, asleep on the wall and decided that this would be my picture today.

The deer were in the garden again during the night, my husband saw at least one of the bigger Fallow deer close to the back door; it had tripped the security lights. On investigation this morning I noticed that my fuchsias have been pruned once again and some of the smaller plants have been half eaten and in some cases pulled from the ground. I have now decided that they have won this war and I shall be filling the borders that they can get at with ‘woody’ shrubs and plants that they do not like. We could fully fence the garden, but on the plus side I do like to see them and fencing the garden would be a mammoth task.

Below are two pictures of some other wildlife in the garden.

Mrs Hoppy


After a lot of rain, during last evening and overnight, today has been dry, warm and sunny.

Today’s picture is of a female Reeves Muntjac and as she is the biggest of the three females who visit, I think that she is Hoppy’s female friend; she does not have a name of her own, just Mrs Hoppy. As you can see she still has all four legs, unlike Hoppy who has only three and a half. She is on the far side of the garden, just in front of the area deliberately left wild, for the wildlife; this was taken through the kitchen window.

I had a wide choice of wildlife to choose from today, the larger of our two foxes paid a visit, as did a male pheasant and several squirrels.

Small Fox

I went to Saffron Walden this morning with my daughter, but not to have my nails done as they are still recovering.

It threatened rain all day, but not much fell during the day, which was overcast.

I took a variety of pictures, but decided on this one, of the smaller of our two foxes, (it does not yet have a name,) which visited late in the evening, as it was getting dark. It kept looking at the Squirrel feeder, so I suspect it was looking for food; shortly after I took this a helicopter flew over and frightened it. My extra picture, also taken quite late in the evening, which I was going to use, is of a Reeves Muntjac and a Rabbit happily eating supper together.

Not Hoppy


I spent the morning finishing the housework I started yesterday, mainly steam cleaning the floors. I still have endless windows to clean, but left them today, as I did not want to make it rain! I also unpacked a small garden table and two chairs for indoor use; Dougal promptly curled up on one of the chairs for a snooze. I did a little work in the garden, mainly spraying the stinging nettles in the flower borders with weed killer. This makes life much easier when it start weeding them otherwise they can be three-feet high, by the time I get round to weeding the borders; my helper is still busy at school and I still have exam marking to do.

Today’s picture is another Reeves Muntjac; this is not Hoppy our resident deer with a damaged front left leg. This one does not yet have a name and looks younger than Hoppy and is I suspect a female. Mummy Moorhen has visited with the two chicks that she still has and the Squirrels were busy, not only eating from their own box, but from the newly filled bird feeders.


Yesterday, late in the afternoon a police officer arrived to take a witness statement. He will liaise with the school (with the former police officer) and at this stage they will be warned about harassment, then if they are caught again they can be arrested. Their parents will be told and can sit-in when the boys are interviewed should they wish to do so.