My husband had an Addenbrookes Hospital appointment this morning and on the drive there I kept thinking I had forgotten something; I had, no camera. So today’s picture was taken on my iPhone. It was either this picture of the River Cam and the clouds, or my Costa coffee cup; this won.

After the appointment we went into Cambridge and had lunch at the University Centre before having a wander around the town. It was very busy, no doubt due to the lovely sunny day.



When we awoke this morning it looked as though it would be a glorious day so we decided we should go out somewhere. In the end we decided to go to Cambridge as my husband needed to exchange a faulty item. I still have a damaged arm from when I slipped when looking after Bo, which aches when I drive too far and he is not sure how far he can walk now that the orthopaedic boot is off, so we decided that Cromer was too far. As we drove to Cambridge the weather became very overcast and was quite windy; I had not taken a coat although a lot of people were wearing coats and jackets.

We exchanged the item and I bought the next size up of Osprey bag as the one I purchased the other day, although perfect when not carrying a camera is a little small for even my smallest camera. Then we had a walk around Cambridge with coffee and then lunch fitted in. Today’s picture was taken of one of the River Cam Tributaries along the backs, not far from King’s College. As is usual on many of our trips to Cambridge we called at Scotsdales Garden Centre on the way home for more refreshments. I also bought four more Rose of Sharon shrubs for one of my borders (the deer do not seem to like these) as well as some new solar lights.

The Upper Reaches of the River Cam


This morning I walked to our GP’s surgery with my husband so that he could collect a form to have an x-ray on his right knee; this x-ray has now been arranged at Addenbrookes for Thursday 7 July. On the way to the surgery I took several pictures and almost blipped a train which conveniently travelled through the station at the time I was crossing the bridge.

Instead, today’s picture, which I have blipped before, is of a short section of part of the Upper Reaches of the River Cam, which can now be easily seen as the surrounding overgrown vegetation and some of the tress have been cut. It flows from about six miles South of our village and not far from our home, through to Cambridge and then travels on, in a North-easterly direction, until it joins the River Great Ouse just South of Ely, which then connects the Cam to the sea at King’s Lynn in Norfolk.

It has been a day of sunshine and showers, but not particularly cold.



River Cam, looking South from the University Centre

An unexpected trip into Cambridge today to collect my husband’s camera, so we had various stops during the day for breakfast, coffee and cake in between taking photographs.

We were in the University Centre a long time and I took a variety of pictures, mainly of people, through the windows; today’s picture is one of these, looking South. I also took some street scenes, graduates in their gowns, as well as bicycles; most of these are on my Flickr account.

It was raining a little when we left home, but no rain while we were in Cambridge, but generally dull skies, as can be seen in the picture.

Tea Break


I spent the morning at Addenbrookes hospital with my husband while hourly blood tests were taken and then went into Cambridge for a late lunch. The butternut squash and chickpea ‘curry’ was rather tasteless, I think they forgot the spices! Then we went for a short walk along The Backs taking photographs. This one was taken of some of the staff that obviously work in the kitchens of one of the colleges; it was taken from the Causeway bridge. My extra picture today is of a narrow boat also taken from the Causeway bridge and with the added extra of some birds in flight.

Houseboats on the River Cam


Earlier in the week it looked as though today was likely to be the best day this week for going out. (My husband said so and he looks at the synoptic charts several times a day!) Indeed it looked good so we went to Cambridge; he said it would probably rain during the afternoon. We arrived home at about 1500 hours and it did look as though would rain but has not yet done so.

The main object of the day, for me, was to have a walk; I wanted to take some panoramic photographs for the 52Dogwood challenge. I had tried this with my SLR Nikon and my Olympus Bridge camera with disastrous results! Then someone who is also doing the challenge mentioned that it was easy to do using an iPhone; indeed it was.

We started with breakfast before our walk and after taking some pictures we stopped for more coffee and cake. Today’s picture is of some houseboats on the River Cam and is similar to the panoramic one I chose for the challenge. That one is on my Flickr account as well as some of my other, not so good attempts at panoramic pictures.



OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe decided to go to Cambridge than for no other reason than to take photographs and have a walk. We started with breakfast and finished at Scotsdales on the way home for cake.

I bought a spare battery for my Olympus and some prickly plants in Scotsdales, which I plan to plant in the curved border in the hope that the deer will leave the other plants alone. I needed more than I purchased, but as we were using my car I could not get more in; an excuse to go to Scotsdales again. I also bought some Dahlia tubers, getting one extra, free with a voucher.

The day was overcast, but not particularly cold although it was windy.