It has been another very cold day not getting much above freezing all day. There was the odd ice crystal falling when I went outside to fill the bird feeders, but no actual snow. Today’s main picture is of a female Blackbird sitting on the wall. The shrub behind the bird looks as thought it has some buds on it. The pictures below are of one of our six resident Robins



The sun did not appear today, it has been wet, cold, dull and misty. There has not been much wildlife in the garden except for a few birds on the feeders. Dougal and Florence both went out, Dougal several times, and Florence went up onto the balcony, but by late morning, both were in sleeping in warmer places.

Today’s picture is of a Robin and a Great Tit, both on the bird table at the same time and taken through the kitchen window. I was focusing on the Robin when the Blue Tit joined it on the table.




It was frosty and very foggy this morning, throughout the morning it cleared a little and then the fog returned; it has not been completely clear all day and the sun did not put in an appearance. I did some more ‘Spring’ cleaning this morning, although clearly the weather does not think it is Spring; it seems it will get colder.

This afternoon I did some admin jobs including sorting out whether our prescriptions were ready. Since the brilliant pharmacist left Newport Village Pharmacy last year there have been a lot of problems, not just with our prescription, but with many others in the village. It took them two weeks to get some of my items before Christmas and on at least two occasions my husband has had to wait while the prescription was made up, even though we ordered them a week earlier; on the last occasion he waited for over an hour.

When I ordered the prescriptions on Thursday 19 January I requested that they go to Boots in Saffron Walden, they cannot be any worse! Today when I rang Boots to see if they were ready they had not received our prescriptions even though they collect from our surgery everyday. I rang our surgery and after six minutes they finally answered their telephone, they apologised, but the prescriptions had gone to Newport Pharmacy. I rang the pharmacy, yes mine was ready, but they had not received my husband’s prescription. Back to the surgery I went, where they answered their telephone quite quickly this time. His prescription was printed on the same day as mine and sent with it to Newport Pharmacy; they offered to fax it immediately to Boots in Saffron Walden. I will collect mine from Newport probably tomorrow and then we should get the other items in Saffron Walden by Saturday.

Today’s picture is a Robin, maybe the same one as my husband blipped recently, although we have several pairs in our garden, so it might be a different one. Two Pheasants were in the garden, but pictures of them were not very good.




Another Monday and another working week, except that I do not have very much work to do this week, but I have spent most of today catching up with everything.

Today’s picture, taken through a grubby kitchen window is of a Robin. There were a lot of birds on the feeders, but once I had fetched my camera, almost all of them disappeared.

It has been bright and sunny although there was a little rain this morning.