Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland

I had an appointment to have the on my wrist ganglion looked at this morning, at Cambridge Clear Beauty, prior to having it surgically removed. Aspirating it, which works quite often has not worked on mine, which appears to be quite stubborn. It is close to the artery, which is one of the reasons aspirating it was tried first.

Then we went to Scotsdales Garden Centre for breakfast and a look round. I bought four small shrubs, six small flowering plants and some peanuts for the birds.

Our new plumber visited yesterday afternoon to give us a quotation and to look at the boiler, which our previous builder recommended. It seems it is far too big and cannot be used. It was designed for an eight bedroomed house! Our new plumber telephoned the company we purchased it from, but they will not take it back. They also said that the particular builder that we used had a history of providing customers with the wrong boiler.

When I left home this morning it was not raining, but before we had gone very far it rained heavily and continued to do so for much of the day although the sun did put in a brief appearance around midday.



No, it is Scotsdales Garden Centre.

After dealing with some paperwork and emails this morning, we went to Scotsdales Garden Centre as I wanted a container for my cactus garden. We arrived in time for lunch and then I looked around for a suitable container. The one I liked they did not have in stock, but could order it; it would be £45, rather too much. I found a container, which will do to get the garden started and purchased some cactus soil and two more small cacti to add to those I already have. Once home they were all planted and watered. Once they have settled a little I will top up the soil and add some stones. I wanted a bag of white stones, but they only had white, grey and green mixed so I will have to pick out all the white ones; rather a long job.

Today’s picture was taken in Scotsdales and shows some plants against a London backdrop.



My husband had an Addenbrookes Hospital appointment today, but it was in the middle of the day, so it rather messed up the whole day. Once he had finished at Addenbrookes we went to Scotsdales for lunch and this is where today’s picture was taken.

I have to say the lunch was not as good as usual; we waited almost twenty-five minutes from ordering before it arrived at our table. My salad was much smaller than normal and warm and limp; it has been very hot all day, but I would not expect salad to be left out in this heat. My husband’s New York chicken tasted good, but his vegetables were very overcooked and I am not sure what they had done to the mashed potato; it was gloopy and looked as though it had either not been cooked properly and mashed before the starch had been broken down or it had been overworked when mashed.

It has been exceedingly hot again registering thirty degrees Celsius during the afternoon.

Addenbrookes and Scotsdales

This morning we went to Addenbrookes Hospital, but not for an appointment, but to attend a meeting related to when my husband was in Intensive Care in Addenbrookes in 2013. This group is called the JVF Intensive Care Unit Patient and Relative Support and Development Group (the link is to the main hospital site). The group was formed just over two years ago. It meets twice a year and does what its name suggests. We were not sure what to expect, but this is an excellent support group, both for those who have been in Intensive Care and for their relatives; we were both able to contribute and we will be going to future meetings too. Despite the criticism and negative comments that this hospital receives, this is a wonderful hospital, without which my husband would not be here.

Then, as we are going to Cambridge again later in the week, there was no need to visit the city today, we went to Scotsdales Garden Centre for lunch and to buy some pansies for the front window boxes and tubs by the front door as the summer plants now look rather sad. We also bought a variety of other things including crackers for Christmas and a new colouring book for me. I also bought a new torch to go on my key ring; I am very good at losing them.

Part of the Christmas 2015 display in the foyer of Scotsdales Garden Centre in Cambridge in the United Kingdom.

Part of the Christmas 2015 display in the foyer of Scotsdales Garden Centre in Cambridge in the United Kingdom.

The Weather – Another dull day, but the temperature at noon in our garden in Newport, in Essex, in the United Kingdom, was thirteen degrees Celsius.