It Has Been Snowing


There was not enough snow when we woke up to make a snowball. It snowed on and off all morning, but it had all disappeared by lunchtime. It seems there is likely to be some more that is fine as long as it all disappears before Monday morning.

It is not a day for outdoor activities as it is very cold. There were a lot of birds in the garden including one pair of our Reed Buntings. Today’s picture was taken through the kitchen window; it is of a grumpy looking Mrs Blackbird, waiting to eat from the fat ball feeder, which is being dominated by a Starling. Also included is a picture of James, one of our resident pheasants and the shed, showing the small amount of snow that fell during the night.



This morning when I first got up the cars were covered in frost, shortly afterwards we had Snow. This did not last long and although it snowed quite heavily for about an hour, by 1000 hours it was raining and the snow had disappeared.

I was out in the garden while it was snowing heavily, making sure that I had a picture of the snow. It is a day for staying indoors; the cats think so too, although Florence did venture out when it was snowing heavily, taking a few steps into the garden before rushing back indoors.

Please, Let Me In


There was the smallest amount of snow possible in our garden this morning, but I had to go outside to take some pictures, just to prove that it had actually snowed. Dougal accompanied us, but Florence, being the sensible one stayed in bed.

After taking a few pictures my husband and I came indoors, but Dougal decided to stay out. Thirty seconds after we came indoors, there was a very light snow shower. Dougal was soon at the back door, but before letting him in I picked up my camera from the dining room; he is today’s picture, complete with ‘cross’ face.


Snow 1

The weather forecast was for snow and yes, we did get some. My husband takes medication at 0700 hours and called upstairs to say it was snowing. I texted my daughter, we always text each other when it snows and then grabbed my dressing gown and camera. I opened the patio doors and felt a blast of cold air, took three pictures and retreated inside. Although there were a few more flakes, within minutes of taking this picture it was raining!

It is cold here about three degrees Celsius and windy at times, mainly gusting although further high winds are forecast for our area. Maybe we will get some more snow later today or overnight, but it needs to be gone by Monday so that my family can get to college and work.