Past Their Best


I visited my daughter and granddaughter this morning for coffee. My daughter works from home on Friday and my granddaughter does not have to go to college. This afternoon I did some work, finishing early for the weekend.

Today’s picture is of some double Snowdrops, which are past their best, but these are probably the last ones I will blip this year.

The weather has been dull although fairly warm for this time of the year, but not a warm as yesterday.




Cold and windy today with lots of dark clouds. I took today’s picture when I walked to the postbox to post a birthday card. These Snowdrops were planted, along with a few daffodil bulbs at the edge of the railway station car park. That was before all of the work stopped. Not sure what happened to the café that was going to be provided on the Eastern side of the railway line or the gardens. All of the Lavenders have died and all that is left in the areas on the Eastern side of the railway line are two areas full of rubbish and dead branches. I think the five small trees are still alive, although it is difficult to tell from the path. The volunteers used to visit quite regularly on Saturdays and then they were gone, no explanation as to why the work stopped.

I spent the morning working, catching up on some Open University work and adding to my family tree; in the afternoon caught up with some reading.

Snowdrops and Crocus

This morning is was very sunny and quite warm, but it clouded over at lunchtime resulting in a dull afternoon. A little work today and a lot of paperwork to sort out.

Yesterday when I was in the garden, these Snowdrops were out, the Crocus were nowhere to be seen. Today they were fully open as was the purple one on the right-hand side.



A dull day with not much colour in the garden although there are masses of Snowdrops in various stages of opening. Some of the 500 plus bulbs that Victoria and I planted in the Autumn are coming through the ground. There is not a lot of wildlife in the garden, but they are obviously about as some of the green leaves that have come through with the bulb flowers have been eaten. Today’s main picture is of some Snowdrops which are flowering in one of the front borders. The two below are cream Primroses and a white Polyanthus.




It has continued to rain during the night and most of today, but there is still the pond does not contain any water. The difference in the garden borders is that there are now quite a few Winter Aconites blooming and many clumps of Snowdrops. Today’s picture is of one clump; these were the most in bloom and as usual were in a dark place behind the bin where the grass cuttings are placed.

Just One More…


…picture of Snowdrops, before they all disappear until next year; these are my favourite flowers although Orchids and Roses via for second place.

Today’s picture is of one of our larger clumps of Snowdrops, which once they have faded and are in what is called their ‘green’ state, they will be divided into smaller clumps and placed in some of our borders. These are growing in a strange place, not in a border, but in part of the garden, which is deliberately left wild. They must like it here, as it does not mater how many times I divide them, they still reproduce much faster than those in the border.

This morning it was very misty, but cleared during the morning to give another dull day.



It rained heavily all morning and then the sun came out, so I accompanied my husband to the village; he had to visit the pharmacy. It came over very dull while we were out, but the sun soon reappeared.

Although I took some pictures on my walk to the village I took some more in the garden. I decided on this one, which shows a small part of one of our borders, with a few of the many Snowdrops that we have, which are still flowering.