Today’s picture is of a Ladybird on tone of our Rosemary plants; it was almost two Green Woodpeckers. As I sorted out the kitchen after lunch, I looked out of the window and there were two Green Woodpeckers in the orchard. I went to get the camera, but at the same time two motorbikes went down the lane and frightened them away.

I have spent much of the morning watching the London Marathon and plan to spend the afternoon knitting or catching up with my reading.



Forsythia 1

Today I have been trying to catch-up with a backlog of work, most of which relates to the last few days. I have been rather lax, but once I have caught up with work I will be catching up with your journal.

Although I am not fond of yellow flowers, the Forsythia is not beginning to blossom, very much later this year than normal.

We had a thunderstorm last night and heavy rain during the night; today it is windy and chilly.

I found a Ladybird again sitting on a stinging nettle and have included it as my extra picture.



LadybirdI did a little work this morning, but once I knew that I could collect my husband, I drove to Addenbrookes so that I could wait on the concourse, so once released he could go straight home; we were home before noon. This afternoon I am watching the Formula One.

Once he had eaten his lunch, as the weather was good, we had a walk round the garden so that he could see the changes which ha taken place even though he had only been gone a few days.

There were several Ladybirds in the garden and I chose this one for my blip.


I was going to try and find something suitable for St Patricks day, but then I found no less than five Ladybirds in the Rosemary bushes, alas, not all in the same bush and those that were, were not close enough to get in the same picture; I also found one ladybird in the house.

The sun has been shinning and it has been quite warm except it was a little chilly in the wind; the Ladybirds were basking in the sunshine.

The tumble dryer duly arrived on Tuesday, within its time slot and today has been put through its paces. It is an ugly looking machine, but works far better than my previous one. This one is a condenser dryer and so it does not steam up the windows and doors.

As these were really the first Ladybirds of Spring, those taken in the frost do not count, I decided that all five should have a place on my blog today.


LadybirdToday the Ocado lorry, with my grocery order, arrived at 0710 hours for my delivery slot which was between 0730 and 0830 hours; I was up, just! I have now changed my reserved slot to 0800 to 0900 hours as they have a habit of coming early. As he said, ‘well your lights were on so you must be up’.

I took a variety of pictures today, but as anyone who knows me will know, I cannot resist a Ladybird, especially when the weather is as cold as it is today. This one was snuggled into the Rosemary leaves and was left exactly as it was found.

Although the sun is shinning brightly it is very cold and we have extra heating on in the house. As to the new duvet, my husband, who was the one who was cold under the lighter duvet, declared that it was too hot! Me? Once asleep I know nothing until the alarm goes off at 0700 hours.