sunrise-nikon-purpleToday’s pictures were taken early this morning when the sky was changing dramatically as we watched. The garden was bathed in a golden glow, just as some snowflakes began to fall. The two included are the first and last pictures taken using two different cameras and taken within two or three minutes of each other.

There was overnight snow, if it can be called that, but there was not very much. I walked to my daughter’s home, I was too lazy to clean the frost and light snow off the car, as it was a day for having our nails done. Every few months I have mine taken off completely, otherwise my nails begin to come away from my fingers. There was a snowstorm while we were in the nail bar and on the drive home, but this gave way to sunshine, but by noon the snow had disappeared. It has been exceedingly cold and windy, but the barometer is climbing so maybe that is our snow for this year. There are more on my Flickr account.





Today’s picture is of the sunrise, not as spectacular as it can be, but I did not take many pictures during the day.

I had an appointment this afternoon with Mr Tariq Ahmad at Cambridge Clear Beauty, who is dealing with the Ganglion on my wrist. This was the third attempt to remove it without doing a surgical procedure. Eighty percent of ganglions will disappear after the third attempt. If it comes back it will have to be surgically removed and is not something I am looking forward to; it is very close to an artery although this is not a problem for him. This time I felt rather poorly and a glass of water had to be fetched! I am not good with my own blood and have a low pain threshold, almost feinting if I cut myself! He was brilliant and said he had worked harder this time, although I think maybe he was being kind.

After a cup of coffee in the clinic I felt fine and as the clinic is not far from Scotsdales Garden Centre, we went there for cake and coffee; our first visit of 2017. I bought a couple of shrubs to put in our largest border before we came home.

Pink Sunrise over the Marsh


Today’s picture is another sunrise, but I chose to blip this as it is very different from yesterday’s picture. This has not been altered in any way and according to my husband; it was pinker and better three minutes before I went outside!

I do not seem to have got into the habit of working again since Christmas, although this does not matter too much as this week I do not have a lot to do. I have prepared everything for next week when I will be working almost everyday.

The sun has been shining all day, although it is still quite cold. Dougal wants to be in when he is out and out when he is in. Florence on the other hand has been out, climbed a few trees, drunk from a dirty puddle and then spent the rest of the day sleeping in her upstairs bed.




We went for a short walk this morning and despite the sunshine it was very cold. I used my wide-angle lens in the hope that I could get a traditional landscape picture for week two of the 52DogwoodChallenge, which I am taking part in; I did not like any of them so I shall go out again (probably tomorrow) and take some more.

Today’s picture was taken fairly early this morning, across the marsh, but with our overflowing pond in the foreground; it has had a slight crop, but nothing else.

Watching the Sunrise


  • Dougal 1


An early picture from me today, so not much to say about the day except it is likely to be another lazy day.

I was outside, in my dressing gown, taking pictures of the sunrise when I decided I would get better pictures from the balcony; someone else had the same idea. We try not to post similar pictures so my picture today is of Dougal, watching the sunrise from the windowsill of his and Florence’s bedroom. In this picture you can see the reflection from the sky from the West; the sky is already lightening and changing. The new railway station lights are also reflected in the picture. I have posted two extra pictures today of the sunrise from the balcony, these are straight out of the camera.