I was getting my coffee, just before I was due to go online for a Staff Development Event when I saw today’s picture down by the pond. It was a case of grab a camera and take a picture through the window. I was lucky that it was standing by the pond and that I could see it between the top of our wall and our apple tree. It left the garden just seconds after this picture was taken.

I am not sure if it is the smaller of the two foxes we saw quite often last year, but this one has a bad leg, the same leg as the fox I blipped on 6 July 2014. If it is not, then someone is still setting traps to catch the animals. I have not seen Hoppy this year and fear that he is no more. We heard a lot of shotgun noise just before Christmas and suspect that someone was shooting them on the marsh. I have seen one female Reeves Muntjac in the garden this year; there was another one, on the grass verge, just at the top of our lane when I drove home from Addenbrookes the other night. It was not possible to see in the dark and my headlights whether it was a male or a female.

There was a very sharp frost again this morning and although the sun has been shinning the frost is still visible in some of the more shady parts of our garden; it is also very cold outside.

Rhapsody in Blue


I have spent the whole day sodding messing about with photographs and getting to grips with ‘Dropbox’. In the past I have not used ‘Dropbox’ very often except on the odd occasion when I needed to transfer pictures to my daughter. However, although all my pictures are on my computer, backed up on hard drives and posted on Flickr, I decided that ‘Dropbox’ might be a good thing to back them up to as well. However, it has not been as straightforward as I thought it might and with 50,000 plus photographs it is going to take a while!

Other than that I have done little else, except cook lunch and take a walk around the garden to take today’s picture. My choice today is of my second favourite rose, Rhapsody in Blue and this afternoon, with the sunshine falling on it, it appears to be two different colours.

Sunshine and Showers


The weather started off very grey and dull after overnight rain, but then warmed quite a lot, although there were intermittent showers throughout the day. I have spent time getting up-to-date with emails and other paperwork rather than gardening. I also cleared the third windowsill in the kitchen, of the plants, which live there, re-potting some and taking others outside to enjoy the summer rain.

Victoria has been helping again today and it looks as though the second kitchen window is as far forward as it can be for now. My husband wants to make a start on the third window while he has Victoria to help him, then he can finish both windows himself when she is unavailable.

Today’s picture is of part of the lower garden, our view across the marsh, but also including the dry pond, in the right hand corner.

Dougal and Florence

D and F

Enjoying the sunshine while it lasts! Despite the sunshine it is still cold, but Dougal and Florence seem to be enjoying it.

Ocado delivered the shopping this morning and I have to say I am not very impressed with their sell-by dates. They used to be very good, but in my opinion have gone downhill just lately. All of the fruit and vegetables, except for the nectarines have a two-day life. Do they really think that we will eat a week’s worth of fruit and vegetables in two days?

I am working over some of this weekend, so that I can get ahead, so that when my husband goes into hospital after Easter I will not be so busy and will be able to visit okay.

Happy Easter everyone.


GardenThe sun has been shining today, but it is still very cold and I did not venture far, except to the garden for a picture, complete with Dougal and Florence, who came straight back in again with me.

As it is Shrove Tuesday I made pancakes for lunch. As always, the first one is often a disaster, although edible and went into my bowl. In the end, as the second one went the same way, I decided to make small ones and stack them.

I had planned to blip my pancakes, but my husband had the same idea. However, it is his four-year anniversary so his 1460th blip is of his bowl of pancakes. My picture is of the garden showing the sunshine we had today, with the addition of Dougal.