We went into Bishop’s Stortford this morning and made the usual rounds of the cafés for breakfast and later, coffee and cake. I also looked at Nissan cars, but they all seem so much bigger and uglier than my little Peugeot. It is time to think about changing her as the bodywork is starting to need a lot of work.

Today’s pictures are  of my two favourite roses, Rhapsody in Blue, is it fades and the Tea Clipper bud. The roses are almost finished, for this year, but now I can start to look forward to my favourite flower, the Snowdrop.

Tea Clipper


The day started with breakfast in the Rosey Lea café in Bishop’s Stortford, followed by shopping and a short walk. After taking our purchases back to the car we decided on coffee (no cake, I must not ruin all my good work, now that I can get into size 14 jeans,) before coming home.

I did not take any suitable pictures in Bishop’s Stortford, so I took a walk around the garden and decided on this rose, it is called Tea Clipper and it has been blipped may times before; it is my favourite rose.
The weather is warm and sunny, but often clouding over, but so far no rain, with the temperature reaching twenty degrees Celsius around noon.


It has been a wet and fairly cold day today so no gardening possible although it was quite warm in the conservatory, which is where I spent most of the day reading.

Today’s picture is one of our cerise Roses, as well as a peach coloured Rose, which is flowering well, with a lot of buds still to open, despite not being pruned this year.