OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI have spent most of today sodding messing about with twelve pictures which were taken yesterday for the #ayearwithmycamera. I have finally managed to get them into some sort of collage, but the collage is not very good; they look much better on Flickr where you can see all of the picture. They were not the best pictures as it was dull and overcast with rain yesterday.

Today has not been much better although the sun did shine for a while. It was starting to get dark when my husband reminded me that I had not taken any pictures so a quick walk round the garden revealed very little. Dougal looked the other way and the bulbs are not showing through the ground very much. Although there do not appear to be any wildlife in the garden, I have seen only one Reeves Muntjac since before Christmas, it is clear that they are still visiting as this picture of a tree and the prickly shrub behind it demonstrate.

Below is the collage which I produced for FaceBook and Instagram for #1day12pics #EmmaDavies Photo #AYWMC #Ayearwithmycamera




Dougal says

“Here I am stuck up a tree and she takes a picture! It is Florence’s fault, she ran across the garden and went straight up this tree and I forgot that I am not supposed to climb trees, (because I cannot get down very well,) and I went after her. I began to panic that I could not get down and called loudly for Mum to come and rescue me; she took a picture instead. I did eventually manage to get down on my own although Mum was standing by to catch me if I fell”.

Dougal was upside-down in the tree although I could not get all of him in the picture. The weather has been warm and sunny, but we have also had intermittent rain showers. I have not done much all day except cook roast duck and watch the Formula One from Spa in Belgium.




First thing this morning we went into Saffron Walden to visit the dentist for our six monthly check-up; today is the longest day, the next one will be on the shortest day of the year. Later we looked round the market and town, which took all of fifteen minutes before having coffee (no cake) in Café CouCou prior coming home.

For some time I have been looking for a small, flat locket and today I saw one, which my husband immediately purchased for me; it is today’s picture.

It has been sunny although it has looked as though it will rain several times.

Dougal – Now Comes the Difficult Bit


Dougal 3


Hello everyone, Dougal here. When my Mum did her walk round the garden this morning, she wanted me to pose for her so that she could take some pictures to email to Giunio from Dick White Referrals who operated on me and made my back better. He did that in September 2012 after I had been run over and my back was broken in three places. She asked me to climb a tree, so I did; this is me climbing down, it is a bit more difficult than climbing up. Then I went one better and caught a mouse so she is sending that picture as well, just to show how clever I am.

This is Florence, my sister, sitting in the sunshine. Yes, we have blue skies and sunshine today, Mum says it is also quite mild for December


Dick White Referrals is a specialised veterinary hospital looking after dogs, cats and other small animals.

Dougal and Mouse

Catching my own Lunch

Dougal 1

In the Old Apple Tree