London Road


There was a very heavy frost this morning, so I could not mow the grass and decided to wait until after lunch. Just after lunch I walked to the village shop for some essentials that we had run out of, it was raining, so no chance of mowing the rest of the grass this afternoon.

Today’s picture is of the main B1383 road, which runs through the village and which was the A11 until the M11 motorway was built. These old houses are on the part called London Road and as you can see the sky was grey!



I spent the morning moving furniture in the lounge to accommodate a single bed so that my husband can come home, possibly on Thursday, but it will depend upon what time the bed arrives. I then purchased the bed and went into Cambridge to purchase single bed linen as we do not have any.

I had lunch in Cambridge and then visited my husband during the afternoon. I took this picture as I walked across Christ’s Pieces and although the flowers are a little past their best they still depict Cambridge on a sunny day with people on their bicycles.

Silver Lining


My husband had an appointment at our GP Surgery, with the nurse this morning so they could check his wound; I went with him. The stitches are still in the wound, they are absorbable, but it is looking good and can be seen here if you want to look.

We suffered very little damage from Storm Doris, some felt had blown off the shed roof, some flowerpots had blown around and some garden furniture had blown over. However the roads were grid locked by overturned lorries and trees down; the trains were not running so Victoria could not get home from college. Her father picked her up from her college on the Addenbrookes Hospital site as well as some of her friends who were also stranded; it then took four hours to do less than twenty miles! Oliver was also on his way home from college in Cambridge, he goes one day a week, he was stuck on the M11 for quite a while, he was almost at junction nine, which had been open and then closed again. They were all home by 2100 hours.

Although I took a lot of Spring flower pictures today I chose this one as it is a complete contrast to yesterday’s weather. There is also some mistletoe growing in the tree in the centre, I saw it last year and was not sure whether it was mistletoe or a bird’s nest.


sunrise-nikon-purpleToday’s pictures were taken early this morning when the sky was changing dramatically as we watched. The garden was bathed in a golden glow, just as some snowflakes began to fall. The two included are the first and last pictures taken using two different cameras and taken within two or three minutes of each other.

There was overnight snow, if it can be called that, but there was not very much. I walked to my daughter’s home, I was too lazy to clean the frost and light snow off the car, as it was a day for having our nails done. Every few months I have mine taken off completely, otherwise my nails begin to come away from my fingers. There was a snowstorm while we were in the nail bar and on the drive home, but this gave way to sunshine, but by noon the snow had disappeared. It has been exceedingly cold and windy, but the barometer is climbing so maybe that is our snow for this year. There are more on my Flickr account.





Today’s picture is of the sunrise, not as spectacular as it can be, but I did not take many pictures during the day.

I had an appointment this afternoon with Mr Tariq Ahmad at Cambridge Clear Beauty, who is dealing with the Ganglion on my wrist. This was the third attempt to remove it without doing a surgical procedure. Eighty percent of ganglions will disappear after the third attempt. If it comes back it will have to be surgically removed and is not something I am looking forward to; it is very close to an artery although this is not a problem for him. This time I felt rather poorly and a glass of water had to be fetched! I am not good with my own blood and have a low pain threshold, almost feinting if I cut myself! He was brilliant and said he had worked harder this time, although I think maybe he was being kind.

After a cup of coffee in the clinic I felt fine and as the clinic is not far from Scotsdales Garden Centre, we went there for cake and coffee; our first visit of 2017. I bought a couple of shrubs to put in our largest border before we came home.



It was exceedingly cold this morning, but we went into Bishop’s Stortford, mainly to get a refund on an order I placed on 12 December. I have telephoned them several times and I seem to get passed around, so today I asked for my money back. The new builder, when I find one that I think might be competent can get his own supplies.

We decided to go into the town and have breakfast at Café Thyme, we had a quick walk around but it was so cold that we retreated to Waterstones Café to get warm before we came home.

Today’s picture was taken during our walk, the River Stort, not visible, is on the left-hand side of the picture.

Autumn in the Orchard


The day started with thick fog again, was slow to clear; then it rained. Both Dougal and Florence have been outside several times to check the weather, unanimously deciding it was too cold and wet to be outside. I agree with them and have plenty of indoor jobs to do.

I cannot find my birth certificate and this morning I got around to ordering a new one. However, it is possible that it will only have my first name on it. Until I was eight months old, when I was christened, I did not have a middle name. My godmother handed me to the vicar and add a middle name, which was a variation of her name; my father was furious and I have always hated my middle name. I have also replied to various emails and made several telephone calls.

The garden is looking very neglected with wet leaves falling and there was not much to photograph. Florence posed reluctantly, but my final choice is a picture of one of our cherry trees on the right and the Discovery apple tree on the left.

We are now into November and my most hated month, October has passed once again, to be replaced by my second hated month, November. However, there are only fifty-seven sleeps to Christmas!

Update: Looking back at my blip entry on Blipfoto, to five years ago, today’s picture can be compared with the one in 2011. Although from a different angle, the leaves that year have not fallen as quickly.