From Gardener to Model


Today was a girly shopping day with my daughter and granddaughter; my FitBit registered over 20,000 steps when I normally try to achieve about 10,000 a day. We left their house at 0815 hours, getting back to their home at around 1815 hours. They were shopping for clothes for their forthcoming holiday and today’s picture shows Victoria, trying on one of the dresses that she bought. Yesterday she was gardening with me, hence today’s title ‘From Gardener to Model’. Note the shoes, she found these very early on and wore them at every possible opportunity, reluctantly leaving them in the car when we took the second lot of shopping back to the car. What did I buy? Only lunch and coffees, as I did not see anything I liked.

We lunched in Zizzi, not somewhere we have been before, but they do gluten-free pasta and pizza; the pizza was good, I will try the pasta next time. We also stopped at Scotsdales Garden Centre on the way home, too late for cake and coffee, but with enough time for my daughter to buy a housewarming gift for her friend that she was visiting during the evening.

It took longer than usual to get home as the M11 was closed Southbound and although we were not using the M11, the traffic is always directed through the villages on to the ‘B’ road that we use; the ‘B” road used to be the A11 until the M11 was built, but is not really good enough now for the amount of traffic it has to take in these situations.


Victoria came this morning; a little later then normal as she had been to her other job first thing. We did some gardening and when it rained we went indoors and sorted out one of the airing cupboards, packing up some items that we never use ready for storage.

Once the rain shower was over and the shrubs had dried a little, we did some more gardening before she went home. Today’s picture shows her as she started to cut down some very overgrown shrubs, (note the phone in her back pocket)! We usually cut these down every year to make them level with the garden wall so that we can see all the way down to the pond. These shrubs were not cut down last year so we even larger than usual. Our ability to see the end of the garden is still hampered a little as the branches of the apple tree are so heavy with apples that they are also obscuring the view. As well as some other jobs, Victoria also cut down two more overgrown shrubs in a different border.

The Nuthatch (yesterday’s picture) visited again today, although I only saw it briefly, but hopefully it will become a regular visitor.


Victoria Cropped

Today our granddaughter, Victoria’s celebrated her eighteenth birthday. It does not seem that long ago, when I spent the day looking after Oliver and waiting to take him to hospital during the afternoon to see his new sibling. Alas things did not go to plan and Victoria did not put in an appearance until the evening. Today’s picture is our beautiful granddaughter on her eighteenth birthday.

So today, we went to Bishop’s Stortford and had breakfast in the Rosey Lea café, as well as coffee in Waterstones book shop. They currently have limited gluten-free items, but from next Monday they will have more choice.

We visited our family this evening and I met Victoria when she arrived home from college on the train; carrying presents and some remaining cakes provided by her college friends. We did not stay long as we will be celebrating her birthday again with Sunday lunch at the Coach and Horses in the village, followed by the obligatory cake at her home.

Snuggles with Bo


Victoria has been helping to do some jobs around the house this week as it is half term for her college and she came with me this morning to feed Bo. I had not intended to blip Bo for a second time, but when we left him this morning he started to bark; he has never done this before, so we went back to see if anything was wrong. I think he is missing his family and just wanted some extra fuss, Victoria duly obliged and I took today’s picture.

The weather continues to be cold and wet, I am still working, but there are also plenty of inside jobs, particularly in the kitchen, tfor my husband and Victoria to complete.


It was such an horrendous day weather-wise that I did not go out into the garden; the cats did go out, for all of a few minutes. I was going to blip Dougal asleep on my desk, but he moved when the telephone rang and disturbed him. Then I took a picture of my husband, which I thought would make a good picture. Then when Victoria came home from college on the train she visited to catch us and to tell us about her college work as well as what she did on Saturday to gain her black belt, her first Dan in judo. She was not able to stay long as she was off to judo fitness training after she had eaten her evening meal.

Today’s picture shows her laughing at something that her Granddad had said; I decided that she would be my blip.