My husband had an Addenbrookes Hospital appointment this morning and on the drive there I kept thinking I had forgotten something; I had, no camera. So today’s picture was taken on my iPhone. It was either this picture of the River Cam and the clouds, or my Costa coffee cup; this won.

After the appointment we went into Cambridge and had lunch at the University Centre before having a wander around the town. It was very busy, no doubt due to the lovely sunny day.



First thing this morning we watched the Formula One; I shall make no further comment on the race.

Then we went in to Bishop’s Stortford for breakfast at The South Street Pantry. We had a walk along the towpath, before returning to Marks and Spencer to get some fruit; I also bought a jacket that I liked the look of. Then we finished with coffee in Waterstones café. Their cake of the day was a gluten-free Vanilla cake, which was similar to a Victoria Sponge; it had to be sampled.

Today’s picture is of two boats moored together. The one nearest the towpath did not have any windows so I am assuming that it is a cargo boat and that the occupants live on the other houseboat.

It was quite cold on the towpath, but warmer in town and the sun has been shining for most of the time; quite a nice day for the beginning of October.



We decided to go to Cambridge today, as we have not been out all week. We had several stops for coffee and lunch at the University Centre. We also walked around our usual route and along The Backs. Today’s picture is one I have taken many times before; it shows one of the river Cam tributaries. It is included today to show that Autumn is upon us. This section is beside King’s College.

The only item of shopping I purchased was a pair of black UGGs, which are identical to the brown ones I bought last year. I have been waiting for them to come into stock at Sole Trader; they arrived yesterday.




Once again the weather was not good for August, we have had rain, high winds and sunshine. Despite this we went into Bishop’s Stortford starting with breakfast at the Rosey Lea café; this was not too as good a standard as usual. We then purchased the items we wanted and while my husband drank tea in Sainsbury’s café I took it all back to the car. Then we had more coffee (and cake for me) in Waterstones, before taking a walk along the towpath where today’s picture was taken. My husband’s legs were not as good as he thought they might be, so we had more coffee in Waterstones, before purchasing two new ‘loungers’ for our balcony.

Wet, Very Wet


I did a little gardening this morning, putting in two more shrubs and some bedding plants, but as it looked like rain I did not water them in. Then we had torrential rain for much of the day.

Today’s picture, taken from inside the front hall, shows some miniature red roses, not covered in raindrops, just waterlogged.





My husband had another Addenbrookes appointment this afternoon, so a walk around Cambridge with stops for breakfast and cake was in order.

I took today’s picture along ‘The Backs’ just beside King’s College. It was sunny and warm, but also quite windy at times, with a few drops of rain now and then. Just as we got into the car to come home there was heavy rain for about five minutes.

The Upper Reaches of the River Cam


This morning I walked to our GP’s surgery with my husband so that he could collect a form to have an x-ray on his right knee; this x-ray has now been arranged at Addenbrookes for Thursday 7 July. On the way to the surgery I took several pictures and almost blipped a train which conveniently travelled through the station at the time I was crossing the bridge.

Instead, today’s picture, which I have blipped before, is of a short section of part of the Upper Reaches of the River Cam, which can now be easily seen as the surrounding overgrown vegetation and some of the tress have been cut. It flows from about six miles South of our village and not far from our home, through to Cambridge and then travels on, in a North-easterly direction, until it joins the River Great Ouse just South of Ely, which then connects the Cam to the sea at King’s Lynn in Norfolk.

It has been a day of sunshine and showers, but not particularly cold.