Rather Late

It has been a lovely sunny day and I saw my first English ladybird, but it was in such a difficult position that I could not get a very good picture so it has been included as an extra. The main picture is of a lone Snowdrop, which rather belatedly, has just flowered in one of our tubs.

A trip to Homebase in Bishop’s Stortford this morning as I am still trying to sort out the problems with the kitchen that we have already paid for; not a very successful trip. Then home to do some proper work and prepare a document of the saga of the kitchen problems at Homebase.



The weather has been strange today, one minute the sun is shinning, the next it is cloudy, either way it is also windy.

I have spent much of the morning writing a draft statement to go with my nomination form to stand for election as a governor at Addenbrookes Hospital. I have also been in contact with my new builder and my new plumber. Work on the kitchen will start after Easter and the plumber is booked for the first week of May. No news yet from Homebase or Bunnings as they are going to be called about a refund for my kitchen. If I have not heard from the manager by the end of the week I shall be paying another visit to the store.

There are masses of Spring flowers out in the garden now and today I have chosen these Hyacinths, which are flowing in one of our round beds. We have them in an assortment of colours, in flower beds at the front as well as in several tubs around the garden.



Although my thumb has not yet recovered from the cut it received yesterday and the dressing is still in place I decided that I would defrost the freezer. It was badly frozen and by the time I have finished it will have taken about six hours!

Today is Josephine’s birthday, (my car) she is twenty-two and I did not expect to have her this long. I have spared you a photograph of her and chose these open Crocus flowers, complete with ants.

We interviewed another builder this morning and hopefully before too long we will decide which one we will use. He is also going to send his plumber to give us a quote for removing the old boiler and installing the new one. Looks like I might get my kitchen this year.

As you can see from the picture of these open Crocus flowers, the sun is shinning.



We went into Bishop’s Stortford this morning and had breakfast at Café Thyme, although I took a picture of my bacon and avocado sandwich I decided that today’s picture should be this Daisy, growing in the grass in the orchard.

Once home again I spent just over two hours in the garden planting some summer bulbs and four small shrubs as well as doing some tying up of plants and clearing some weeds.

It was overcast early when we went out this morning, but has been warm and sunny for most of the day.

Snowdrops and Crocus

This morning is was very sunny and quite warm, but it clouded over at lunchtime resulting in a dull afternoon. A little work today and a lot of paperwork to sort out.

Yesterday when I was in the garden, these Snowdrops were out, the Crocus were nowhere to be seen. Today they were fully open as was the purple one on the right-hand side.


One of today’s picture is of my Busy Lizzie plant; the other is a Primrose growing in the border. The Busy Lizzie was brought into the house last year just before the frosts killed them. It has decided to flower in February, so I thought it worthy of a blip.

Our grandson Oliver visited this morning, he had not visited his Grandad while he was in hospital and will not go near a hospital if he can help it; too many bad memories for him and his hate of needles. He discussed amongst other things how his apprenticeship is going. Other than that we had a lazy Sunday.

It has bee a dry, sometimes dull day with some sunshine.